A Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

Impactful Investing With 20% Anticipated Returns

Socially Responsible. Recession Durable.

Our name tells you what we do! “ADU” stands for “accessory dwelling unit,” a single-family unit that is an accessory to a larger unit on the same housing lot. “OZ” stands for “Opportunity Zone,” an IRS designation that offers investors tax benefits for investing in a city’s resource-starved geographies. We provide investors with recession-durable, tax-incentivized opportunities that create long-term gains and affordable housing. Unlike other firms that leverage Opportunity Zones to gentrify underserved areas and push residents out, we are creating housing opportunities. We can know how to improve our world and investors’ bottom line.” 

ADU Opportunity Zones

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: We empower smart, recession-durable investment in a socially responsible way.

Our Vision

We believe great investment opportunities exist for those who want to create a more equitable world. For us, that means creating a world where investors work together to end housing unaffordability

Our Purpose

Making a difference and making smart investments should not be considered mutually exclusive options; they can go hand-in-hand. The ADUOZ Fund exists to provide investors with socially responsible ways to grow their money.

Why Invest with ADU?

We Are Savvy

ADU OZ Fund is devoted to detailed investigation and analysis. We can also navigate complex and layered issues more nimbly than most because of the unique composition of our team. Our team is experienced working in one of the most competitive and rapidly changing housing markets, Southern California. Because we have a real estate and business attorney, licensed contractor, real estate broker, and close relationships with design and construction professionals, we have everything we need in-house to move with quickness and intelligence.

We Are Stable

Our investments are durable. We do our best to create measured and predictable outcomes. Our team of professionals is committed to finding smart opportunities that offer our clients stable returns. We are in a market with a huge lack of housing, high rents, and high appreciation. More importantly, several cities’ municipal regulations have eased to allow unprecedented housing development. That combination allows us to enter high-value markets and capitalize on steady monthly rents and equity appreciation upon sale while positively impacting communities. We focus on ensuring that Opportunity Zone opportunities, long-term profit potential, and net tax benefit are aligned before making a decision.   

We Are Socially Responsible

As a minority and veteran-led company, we believe, insofar as we are capable, that our decisions should harmfully impact no one: not our investors, residential clients, or the geographies we build in. We are intentionally considerate to everyone impacted by our decisions. We believe we help our investors make money while making positive change.